ANSYS Additive Material Tuning Tool (Beta)

The document you are about to download is beta documentation for beta features.

Beta documentation and features are considered unreleased and have not been fully tested nor fully validated. The results are not guaranteed by ANSYS, Inc. (ANSYS) to be correct. You assume the risk of using beta features and beta documentation.

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Beta features are not subject to the ANSYS Class 3 error reporting system. ANSYS makes no commitment to resolve defects reported against beta features; however, your feedback will help us improve the quality of the product.

ANSYS does not guarantee that input files used with beta features will run successfully from version to version of the software, nor with the final released version of the features. You may need to modify the input files before running them on other versions.

Use these files to use the Material Tuning Tool to create a user defined material in ANSYS Additive. You will need to download the zip file and follow the instructions provided in the AdditiveMaterialTuningTool.pdf file. For your convenience, the .pdf file is available separately below and it is contained in the zip package.

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Release 2020 R2:


Additive Material Tuning Tool File Set (.zip)